Blonde Brunching : ZTB 

I believe in brunching. No meal is quite as satisfying as that one that traverses between breakfast & lunch. 

This week I ventured over to Zak the Baker to get my fix in pre-Basel festivities.   

  Today’s Toast   
The Rueban. 

P.S. – don’t forget to leave with a loaf of fresh baked, bread. You will seriously question how you ever ate a slice of wonder bread with the slightest satisfaction after tasting the art of a true slice of bread. 


It’s … Tuesday?

For the lucky, our schedules allow for early week outings, although we are old enough to constantly reaffirm … It’s Tuesday… Right?? 

In an attempt to remind ourselves out loud to not pay for tonight for the remainder of the week. Because, let’s face it, the best cure for a hangover is being under the age of 25. 

Stop One : Gramps in Wynwood. If you haven’t been on a Tuesday – go. There’s live music – a pianist- rocking all kinds of amazing tunes. And after a couple drinks you won’t be able to help yourself when you start singing along. P.S. He also entertains requests. From 9:30- 11 they have trivia – like no joke know your facts kinda trivia. 


They have great hand crafted cocktails – try any – I am obsessed with the margarita that comes with spicy salt. 

Stop Two : Wynwood Diner. New to the scene. A must if you’re hungry. Great staff. Great reccos. I went with the Mouse Trap – which comes with a side of homemade tomatoe bisque. For anyone who is a fanatic of adult grilled cheeses, you know a sandy isn’t complete without this dipping agent.   
Stop Three: Cuyo (the bar not the tacos… Although it was hard to resist). Great vibes – great drinks – if you can handle the heat – grab a spicy margarita (quite the theme tonight but sometimes a girl just craves a margarita). This drink is real SPICY. If you’ve been in Miami long enough you’re aware of the drastic swings between’Miami Spicy’ vs ‘Real World Spicy’. Cuyo serves real world spicy.  

Blonde Moments

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been slinging drinks ensuring you thirsty thousands have the best night you’ll never remember.

If I tried to recount all the questions I’ve been asked over the years – frankly, you’d never leave this blog post – some stuck out, too many were shockingly, appallingly inappropriate, most inconsequential, but one… always gnawed away at me. Especially now that I officially have these things called ‘weekends’.

Until recently, weekends weren’t a real thing to me, it was this elusive concept that these bar flies all participated in. And now me as well.

“Where should we go next?”

“Where’s the party at tonight?”

“Where do you like to go?”

I assure you – all bartenders are asked this question in some form more times than they can count. And most of us have no clue what to tell you. Our party is very different from your party. Nine times out of ten, our ‘party’ involves sulking over stiff drinks telling the horror stories of the night, having our first sip hours after you have stumbled home. Our parties also tend to happen on your off days . Sundays- Tuesdays to be exact.

Coupled with years of the complete inability to have an answer to these questions, I now find myself with the same questions – where is the best happy hour on [INSERT NIGHT HERE] and then once we’ve had our fill… where the hell do we go next???

I now find myself in the precarious position of wanting to have a great drink at a great place after ending a grueling work week.

This blog will be my exploration of Miami (and my travels) – finding the best spots throughout the city.